BPB Purifying Gel




BPB 凝詩 Purifying Gel 水凝平衡保濕啫喱 75 毫升 編號:B16448 #水凝平衡保濕啫喱 75 毫升 功效 [了解更多 ] 不含油配方,為肌膚帶來了深層的修護及保濕 有效減少面部多餘油份,使皮膚光潔柔軟 令肌膚整天輕爽不泛油光,使水油平衡 特別適合喜歡清爽及油性和暗瘡皮膚 使用方法 [了解更多 ] 每天清潔及爽膚後,取適量塗抹在臉、頸部,輕輕按摩至吸收。 REF:B16448 #PurifyingGel 75 ml BENEFITS [read more ] Protects oily skin from external aggression with non-oily ingredients A fresh and light texture gel perfect for oily skin in summer or humid season Absorbs excessive sebum, leaves skin clear and matte Rich in hydrolyzed milk protein. Can be applied before make up to nourish skin with moisture INSTRUCTION FOR USE Apply this gel on cleaned skin of face and neck in the morning, massages delicately until complete absorption, as a makeup base. #法國 #凝詩 #biologiepierreboutigny #bpb #bpboutigny #madeinfrance #france #beauty #護膚 #護膚品

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