Skin Expert Tissue Restorative Treatment (TRT) Gel 組織修復療傷去疤液




Tissue Restorative Treatment (TRT) Gel 組織修復療傷去疤液 Made in USA 5mle **確認訂單後約14天發貨 由權威美國大學臨床實驗認證:有效加速任何急性、慢性、炎症及潰瘍性傷口癒合,能收窄傷口範圍,減低傷口感染及讓組織修復 -快速形成癒合組織及填補傷口 -殺滅大量微生物包括細菌、病毒及霉菌 -促進傷口焦痂及自動脫落 -沒有藥物反應並可與其它藥物一同使用 -適合任何傷口,包括脫癦、脫疣後、糖尿病足及潰瘍、手術傷口、缺血性潰傷、燒傷後潰瘍、暗瘡、痤瘡或任何皮膚傷口 成份:專利ACT I 氨基酸-海藻提取液 用法:先清潔傷口再塗抹Skin Expert療傷去除疤痕,並於每天使用2-3次直至傷口痊癒 A patented formula using proprietary peptides to help heal acute and chronic wounds more effectively than any other standard wound care by directly stimulating the proliferation of skin cells to bridge epidermal growth on wounded regions. Suitable for any open wounds induced from burns, cuts, bites, or skin openings caused by various invasive skin care procedures, the TRT Gel accelerates recovery process while reducing the potential for infection and scarring. Active Ingredients: Peptide ACT I, Seamollient, Dimethicone, Uniphen 23. Directions: Apply 1-2 drops onto cleansed wound, about 2-3 times a day. Use only as directed by a professional